Can we get an “Aqours, snowshine” in here?

In just a couple of weeks, thousands will descend upon the city of Sapporo for the 68th annual Sapporo Snow Festival. Over 250 snow sculptures will be erected, in addition to the annual sculpture contests.

For anime fans, the crown jewel of these exhibits is usually the annual Snow Miku display. Since 2010, the digital diva has returned to her old stomping grounds in the form of a snow sculpture. The display quickly became a major draw for tourists at home and abroad, and a budding merchandise industry was born around Snow Miku, speciifcally. Special displays, exhibitions, and merchandise are made each year to promote the virtual vocalist, which range from T-shirts and toys to $550 dolls and cars.

Yes, cars. The kind you drive. I kid you not.

In recent years, Miku’s had some company, as the idols of Love Live! idol group µ’s have become regular attendees since their first appearance in 2015. Much like Miku, the idols brought their own array of merchandise and exhibits, as well as unique artwork to accompany the event.

This year, though, µ’s is passing the torch. This year, Love Live! Sunshine!! idol group Aqours will attend in their stead. All nine members will appear this time around, from the perpetually chipper Chika, to Fallen Angel Yohane, though no word has been given as to whether their sculptures will be normal or SD “chibi” style.

As with previous years, there will be a merchandise booth, where fans can pick up goodies based on their favorite Aqours idols. The booth will be at the Tsudome this year, from February 1 – 12. More detailed listings, prices, and product photos will be unveiled closer to launch.

Source: Otakomu