Where one new player comes in, another makes its exit.

Earlier today, Anime Network, inc. announced that they were able to acquire the “www.theanimenetwork.com” domain from Anime Network Online (ANO, henceforth). Anime Network will transition the website toward exclusively supporting Anime Network’s cable TV and SVOD initiatives.

The website previously hosted ANO’s streaming service. ANO was an independent service that operated under Anime Network licensed branding. The platform offered content that was licensed by Anime Network, in both dubbed and subtitled format/

Anime Network was previously a fully-owned subsidiary of ADV Films. The network was sold off to Valkyrie Media Partners LLC in 2009, as part of AD Vision’s ongoing dissolution and reorganization. The company offered a 24/7 linear network from 2004 to 2008, before transitioning to VOD services.

The news comes shortly after the launch of streaming platform HIDIVE, which launched earlier today. HIDIVE currently claims no affiliation with ANO or Anime Network, though it streams several titles that were being offered on ANO’s platform. In particular, HIDIVE currently streams simulcasts for Frame Arms Girl, which was an ANO exclusive until this week.

Source: Anime Network Blog