It’s a sad day in the anime world, as the subculture bids a teary farewell to Grape-kun. The 20-year-old penguin, who gained fame after falling in love with a standee of Kemono Friends character Hululu, passed away on Wednesday.

Earlier today, several members of the Kemono Friends voice cast took to Twitter to issue statements on Grape-kun’s passing.

(Editor’s note: As always, translations are rough, apologies.)

Ikuko Chikuta (Hululu)

He loved Hululu.

Thank you so much for sharing your love of Kemono Friends with us.

I didn’t expect us to be parted so soon, so I’m full of lonely and sad feelings, but I hope that you will continue to watch over Hululu in Heaven.

I’m sincerely praying for you, Grape.

Saki Ono (Arai-san)

Grape-kun, you always watched over Hululu witha kind gaze, stayed by her side always, and brought comfort and smiles to a lot of people with your earnest appearance.

I was truly comforted, myself.

Thank you very much for bringing such life to the Kemono Friends.

Watch over Hululu in Heaven.

We’re praying for your peace.

Kana Motomiya (Fennec)

Grape-kun, thank you for all of the smiles and cheers you gave to us.

Rest well in Heaven, play a lot.

We’re praying for your peace.

Yuka Ozaki (Serval)

Thank you very much, Grape-kun.

Please rest well.

We’re praying for your peace.

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