We need to bring the beat back this January!

Earlier today, the official Beatless anime website updated with a new teaser trailer, as well as a key visual and the first cast members. We break the details down below:


The minute-long teaser introduces the core concepts behind the show (along with what has to be the most painful smartphone design in human history). The text at the end lists the major cast and crew members attached to the project.

Key Visual

The visual, which was drawn by redjuice, features Lacia against a black background. She’s standing over the Black Monolith variable device.


The series will star the following:

  • Lacia: Nao Tōyama
  • Kouka: Misako Tomioka
  • Snowdrop: Hiromi Igarashi
  • Saturnus: Shino Shimoji
  • Methode: Sora Amamiya

Beatless will hit MBS and TBS on January 12, as part of the networks’ Animeism block. Satellite network BS-TBS will carry the show a day later on January 13. As a reminder, Amazon holds the exclusive streaming rights to all Animeism titles for the forseeable future.

The title is based on Satoshi Hase and illustrator redjuice’s novel of the same name. Seiji Mizushima (Concrete Revolutio, Fullmetal Alchemist) will direct Beatless at diomedia, with Hiroko Yaguchi (Aikatsu!) providing character designs. The team of Go Zappa (Blend S, Chronicles of the Going Home Club) and Tatsuya Takahashi (Eromanga Sensei, And you thought there is never a girl online?) will take charge of series composition.

GARNiDELiA will perform opening theme song Error, while ClariS handles ending theme PRIMALove.

Beatless first appeared in the pages of Newtype magzine in 2012 with illustrations by redjuice. Wit Studio and animator Satoshi Kadowaki provided “animation versions” of select illustrations from the work.

Tokyo Otaku Mode released an English translation of the novel on its website. They describe the title as:

With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for human technology begin coming into being. Lacia, an hIE equipped with a black coffin-shaped device, is one of these. In boy-meets-girl fashion, 17-year-old Arato Endo has a fateful encounter with the artificial Lacia. For what purpose were these artificial beings created? Amid questions regarding the coexistence of these artificial beings and humans, a 17-year-old boy makes a decision…

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