So, when do we start seeing the big reset for Sakurada? Next Spring? Awesome.

Earlier today, the official Sakurada Reset anime website updated with a new key visual. The image features lead characters Misora Haruki and Kei Asai standing before a glowing orange sunset.


The site also updated with the first staffers attached to the project. Shinya Kawatsura (Non Non Biyori, Kokoro Connect) is directing the series at David Production, with Tomoyuki Shitaya providing character designs. Katsuhiko Takayama (Aldnoah.Zero, Baka and Test – Summon the Beasts) is in charge of series composition.

Sakurada Reset will première in the Spring 2017 broadcast season.

The original Sakurada Reset light novels by Yutaka Kōno and illustrator You Shiina began publication on May 30, 2009 in Sneaker Bunko’s The Sneaker magazine. The first collected volume hit Japanese retailers on May 30, 2009. Seven volumes were produced in total, with the final book shipping on March 31, 2012.

A manga adaptation of the first book was produced by Masahiko Yoshihara. The title ran in Kadokawa’s Shōnen Ace magazine in 2010, and spanned two collected volumes.

Source: Anime! Anime!