Buckle up, DigiDestined. Things are about to get painful.

Earlier today, the official Eiga Land ticketing app’s YouTube channel updated with a new promotional video for Digimon Adventure tri. Soshitsu (Digimon Adventure tri. Loss). The two-minute teaser offers an overview of the film’s plot.

Digimon Adventure tri. Soshitsu will hit Japanese theaters on February 25. A DVD and Blu-Ray release is currently slated for April 4.

Keitaro Motonaga (Magic Knight Rayearth OVA, Jormungand) was tapped to direct the film, while Yuuko Kakihara (Heaven’s Lost Property) served script supervisor. Character designs were provided by Atsuya Uki (Cencoroll).

Digimon Adventure opening theme Butter-fly was performed by the late Kouji Wada for the feature’s opening theme. Brave Heart by Ayumi Miyazaki was used as an insert song during Digivolution segments. AiM’s I Wish was used for the closing theme.

The official Digimon Adventure tri. website updated with a brief description of the film last month. Digimon Adventure tri. Soshitsu is set after Meicoomon’s rampage and the Reboot. Tai and company leave a distressed Meiko behind to venture back to the Digital World. Sadly, the Digimon they’ve called “friends” for so long have lost their memories. Now, the DigiDestined must try to reconnect with their former partners. Biyomon is the only one that remains wary, telling Sora that she doesn’t remember a thing about her past. Sora, who normally thinks of others before herself, holds distrust in her heart. She stands, heartbroken as both Tai and Matt find themselves unable to summon the words to help.

A tearful Meicoomon then appears and vanishes. Unlike the others, she remembers her past, and is seeking Meiko. The DigiDestined, who saw Meicoomon disappear, resolve to venture through the Digital World to save her. Unfortunately, a man with Dark Masters at his disposal stands in their way.

In the real world, Nishijima receives word that Himekawa disappeared. When he looks into the situation, Nishijima learns that Himekawa had an ulterior motive behind all of her actions.

Crunchyroll currently streams all three avaialble Digimon Adventure tri. films on their digital platform. They describe the latest film, Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3: Confession as:

It’s been six years since that summer adventure when Taichi Yagami and the rest of the DigiDestined crossed over to the Digital World. And nearly three years have passed since the final battle between Hikari Yagami’s group and BelialVamdemon. As the peaceful days passed by, at some point the gate to the Digital World closed. Not even the DigiDestined know what caused this, and time alone continues to pass.

Eleven Arts will distribute the Digimon Adventure tri. films in a North American theatrical run. The company is producing a dub for the features, which reunite many of the original actors, including Mona Marshall, Jeff Nimoy, and Laura Summer.

The first feature debuted in North American theaters on September 15.

Source: Twitter (pKjd)