That’s 2/5 of an Amazon Strike, for those who are curious.

Earlier today, Amazon announced that they’re raising the cost of their monthly Amazon Prime subscription offering. The service will increase to $12.99 per month ($155.88 per year) for monthly users, up from $10.99 ($131.88). In addition, Amazon’s discounted monthly student plans will see rate increases to $6.49 per month for new sign-ups. Previously, new student sign-ups were offered at $5.49 per month.

No price changes are currently planned for their $99 annual subscription.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service offered by Amazon, which offers access to free two-day delivery (one-day in select areas) and access toa Netflix-esque streaming video and music library, among other benefits. The service boasts 80 million paying subscribers, as of April 2017.

Amazon currently holds the exclusive global streaming rights to the prominent NoitaminA and Animeism programming blocks.

Last year, Amazon came under fire by fans for their Anime Strike service, which required a payment of $5 on top of the base Amazon Prime subscription. The service was officially retired earlier this month.

Source: CNBC