Earlier today, streaming platform VRV announced they are joining forces with HIDIVE as a Channel Partner. In a blog post, VRV announced that HIDIVE’s entire library will be available to VRV subscribers in “a couple of weeks.”


HIDIVE currently hosts a library of more than five hundred titles, which includes ongoing shows like Bloom Into You and Release the Spyce, modern titles like Made In Abyss and Land of the Lustrous, and classics like Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Space Runaway Ideon.

HIDIVE originally launched in June 2017 as a beta. On June 21, a day after launch, the service announced that they acquired The Anime Network’s online assets.

On March 23, HIDIVE launched its “Dubcast” line of dubbed simulcasts, which sees HIDIVE streaming local-language dubbed versions of shows within two weeks of their Japanese airing.

The platform officially exited beta on April 9, launching as a full-fledged digital platform.

Source: VRV (Email Communication), VRV Blog