Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome to an all-new AniWeekly! We’re counting down the final days until Anime Expo, when the industry shows off its best, and then some. Expect a packed weekend, as we toss aside petty things like sleep to get you the latest from the event.

That said, last week wasn’t lacking in excitement. From a new player in the streaming world to a new face in high places, we saw a lot of movement in the anime world.

In the News

The Endless Waltz ends here. Daisuki announced that fourteen titles will leave their service in July, including Gundam Wing and Turn A Gundam.

The ballroom has a guest list now, sadly. The official Welcome to the Ballroom anime website updated with the show’s full broadcast schedule. In addition to the Japanese airtimes, the site revealed that Amazon holds exclusive streaming rights to the title across the globe.

Meet the new boss. Aniplex of America announced that Shu Nishimoto is stepping up as president of the company. Long-time head Henry Goto is assuming the role of Head of International Business Development at Aniplex Inc. in Tokyo.

Gainax, get in the payment schedule. A Tokyo district court judge issued a ruling in the ongoing lawsuit between Gainax and Studio Khara. If you recall, this was the case that saw Khara suing Gainax over 100 million yen in unpaid royalties. Anyway, the judge ruled that Gainax must pay the full 100 million.

Despite the name, there isn’t a lot of laughter. Warner Music Japan announced that Shadow of Laffandor will get an anime adaptation. The series, which is based on a project billed as a “fantasy picture story” (a stylistic hybrid of music and voice-acted RPGs), will première on July 12.

Don’t drop your shield! A recent flyer revealed that Aneko Yusagi’s The Rising of the Shield Hero will receive an anime adaptation. A promo video for the title will be shown at Anime Expo.

Remember that word… Shokugeki. The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump reports that the Food Wars! anime will return to Japanese TV this fall. Several new roles were confirmed for the project, with names like Akira Ishida and Yuuki Kaji making the cut.

Take a (Hi) Dive! A new player in the streaming anime world opened its doors. HIDIVE launched last week as an open beta. The organization took a strong first step in its first couple of days, acquiring all assets from Anime Network Online. AN Online, LLC will cease operations after a short transition period which will see AN Online subscribers migrated to HIDIVE (more on that in a sec).

Time to rejigger a bit… The Anime Network announced that they’ve reclaimed the “animenetwork.com” domain from AN Online, and will transition their efforts toward exclusively supporting Anime Network’s cable TV and SVOD initiatives.

Relax, just do it. Netflix Japan announcd that a Rilakkuma anime is in the works. The show will stream as a Netflix Original in 190 countries.

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Weekly Fun Stuff!

Two classics, one short video. YouTuber 30nosuke mashed Cowboy Bebop‘s iconic opening with the zaniness of Nichijou to create a short that works surprisingly well.

So, how long til “Cowboy Bebop‘s intro goes with everything?”