Aniweekly 107: New Year, New Spirit Animal

Happy new year, readers, and welcome to the new, possibly improved AniWeekly! We’re back in business this week, bringing you all the news that’s fit to read, along with those interesting, thought provoking, or just plain fun articles from the rest of the fan community.

And what a week to be coming back! We’re starting off a brand new anime season, with dozens of new shows capturing fans’ fancies across the country. A few big rumblings hit the business world, and we’ve gotten new peeks at titles planned for later this year. Even though we’re just a week in, 2017 is shaping to be a very interesting year for anime fans!

In The News

Meet Aggretsuko: everybody’s new spirit animal. Sanrio’s English account formally introduced Aggretsuko (short for “Aggressive Retsuko”), a 25 year old Red Panda, who works a crap job in an office. She deals with her frustrations of the job through the most relaxing of all hobbies: death metal.

Welcome to the ballroom! We’ve got fun and games! Get ready to get hyped for ballroom dancing! Wait… don’t go. An anime based on Tomo Takeuchi’s Welcome to the Ballroom is in the works, and on track for this summer. The first crew members, along as a promotional video were officially unveiled as part of the big reveal.

Get your poses ready, folks, because this diamond is unbreakable! A new visual for the upcoming JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable live-action film hit the web, showcasing Kento Yamazaki in costume as Jōsuke. Filming in Spain has wrapped up, and final shooting is underway in Japan.

Anime fans, it’s time to vote for your new anime idol! Wait… Crunchyroll opened voting for their first-ever anime awards. Fourteen categories are up for consideration, Anime of the Year, Hero of the Year, and Best Fight Scene.

The Hummingbird has made a surprising transformation. Kitsu, a new startup that began life as Hummingbird, received $600,000 in seed funding. Both Viz Media and Philippines based entrepreneur Bernard Chong invested in the company, and will receive seats on the Kitsu board.

A couple of old-school favorites are heading to Beantown! Anime Boston announced that Sandy Fox and Lex Lang will attend this year’s con as guests.

Please don’t make a fart joke… please don’t make a fart joke… crap. Little Busters! spinoff visual novel Kud Wafter is receiving an anime adaptation! Visual Arts CEO Takahiro Baba announced that the company is “currently (financially) planning” the project, and working to bring together a production committee.

It’s time to head beyond the azure, to new frontiers. We received our first details on the upcoming Fafner in the Azure: The Beyond. The project will be an anime title, which will be directed by Fafner: Heaven and Earth director Takashi Noto.

You know… this always sucks. Best of luck to those affected. Yuki Kajiura’s upcoming concert was cancelled due to visa issues. The event, called “Yuki Kajiura Live Featuring Sword Art Online,” was originally scheduled for January 14 at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater.

Quick! Get your pre-orders in, before the GameStop guy starts bugging you! Aniplex of America opened ticket sales for Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-. The film will debut on March 9 as a one-day “Fathom Event”, which will serve as a launch for a wider national release.

Enemies beware. You’re about the face the wrath of Tanya the… adorable? Kadokawa launched a new series of web shorts, titled Youjo Shenki, which serve as a comedic spinoff for Saga of Tanya The Evil. The first episode sees Tanya griping about the crap food and coffee of her job, while whining about how tired she is. It’s… very different from the main series.

This is one sandbox that even older folks can enjoy! Chinese company Tencent and Japanese studio Success are collaborating on a new anime series. The show, titled World of Super Sand Box, will be helmed by Yu-Gi-Oh! GX director Hatsuki Tsuji at Asahi Production.

Blast! It’s more Saiyuki. Yep, a new Saiyuki anime, titled Saiyuki Reload Blast, is in the works. The series will see the actors for Genjo Sanzo, Son Goku, Sha Gojyo, and Cho Hakkai reprising their roles. In addition, SerVamp director Hideaki Nakano will helm the project at studio Platinum Vision.

From The AniBlogging Community

The survival guide for streaming anime fans. The OASG published their Winter 2017 edition of their Anime Streaming Guide. Every show, every popular network is represented, offering a road map to your seasonal anime fix!

Of Ice And Adequacy Atelier Emily published one more piece on Yuri!!! On Ice, this time looking at Jean-Jacques Leroy and his evolution from brash blowhard to nervous wreck in the span of minutes. She ties it together with a few very personal experiences.

Shameless Plug Alert! Seth and new member Naoki published a fantastic interview with JAM Project’s Hiroshi Kitadani. Folks may know him as the guy who sings We Are! from One Piece. In their conversation, Kitadani discusses his life in the industry, and meanders over to more interesting topics. For example: Did you know that, in Brazil, fans got so excited that they were throwing panties, sweaty shirts, and even headphones on stage? You can read this and more in their interview.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Did you know that Toei Animation USA has a YouTube Channel? And did you know that they have one show on it, in its entirety? That’s right: for some reason, Toei is hosting the entire run of 1993 anime series Ghost Sweeper Mikami.

On the plus side, it’s a fun show, that’s well worth a watch!

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